Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blog Update

Quick update for those wondering why there hasn't been any content these past weeks. I've been on vacation and haven't had time to really dedicate an article for a bit. Right now I have a few being worked on to get out for everyone. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the Chi-Nu II finished and put up. Hope everyone had a nice holiday season!

- Type3 Chi-Nu II
- Type60 SPRG
- Type74


  1. Nice ! Keep up the good work ! What I'm most looking forward to is the last part of the O-I article ! When can we expect to see it ? :)

  2. Looking forward to more content as always Mai! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I am kind of surprised Gaijin implemented Chi-Nu II as a premium instead of that Ho-I with 57mm gun...