Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blog Update [5/21/17]

  Hello everyone. I'm sure its apparent that I haven't been posting many articles so far in these past two months. I'd like to apologize for my extended and unannounced absence. Both on Sensha and on my media outlets. I've been going through a rough couple months with my health taking a turn for the worse. I haven't been feeling that well and it has forced me to spend less time doing my research and connecting with you all here on the web.

The good news for me is that I'm expecting a new addition to my little family, rather soon. I haven't really mentioned it online, but to those who were curious, yes, I'm going to be having a mini-me running around this year. 😄

Unfortunately, with something this drastic coming into my life, that leaves my frequent trips to and from Japan to do research is limited. To be honest, I do not plan to take another visit for at least another year. I'm suggested not to take flights with a little one due to my health not being as well as it should be. But I am hoping to be able to get back to the work many of you appreciate in the foreseeable future. Not to worry though, I still have many files with me I have yet to dig through. So no short on things to talk about and show you, no doubt!

In regards to new articles, don't worry, they're coming. I'm currently finishing up 3 articles for you guys I really look forward to sharing. One of which has taken me a few months to prepare, as finding all the data on the events has been a lengthy process. But I hope what I've been able to get together will be an satisfying read.


  1. Welcome back and congrats on the soon to be mini you

  2. Congratulations! and Welcome back :)

    1. I look forward to get back to posting articles for you all. Thanks!

  3. Mini Mai, how cute :D
    wish you the best.

  4. Congratz and taking care of yourself is more important don't worry, wish you to get better soon!

  5. Gaijin managed to butcher the turret and mantlet armour and the 3D model of the new Chi-To.

  6. I like the art of the sherman,I really wana see what the next 3 gona be ;3

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